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Magellan Strategies Limited is actively preparing a range of summative knowledge products for leaders in government and the private sector on the lessons being learned around the world in how to navigate complex political terrains and align stakeholders to successfully implement reforms and high-risk investment projects.

Political Navigation Blog

In pursuit of that objective, we have launched The Political Navigation Blog. The blog has been set up to explore how effective leaders of policy change or the implementation of mega projects are the ones who can get things done under inevitably messy and complex political conditions. The blog is dedicated to the proposition that effective leaders must be skilled political navigators; that while good intentions are crucial they are not enough. The overarching claim is that effectiveness under real world conditions is the true test of leadership. The focus is global. These issues are relevant everywhere.

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There are two broad motivations for the blog: The first is a concern for liberal constitutional democracy as a form of rule. It is clearly in trouble. When leaders cannot ‘get stuff done’ it encourages faith in ‘Strong Men’. Second technocracy has run amok. Experts who disdain public opinion and the messiness of politics have, very often, had too much influence on policy. The reaction/the popular backlash against/ to economic liberalism and globalization is entirely their fault…and the leaders who listened to them.

Allied to this is the disdain for persuasion. When policy is deemed technically right leaders are encouraged by their experts to ‘just do it’. Muscle it through any which way. Until the backlash comes, and those experts will not be the ones to sort out the mess

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